What we do with an inspection:  

Clear all visible parts of all valleys and roof area from leaves and all sorts of rubbish that might have accumulated on the roof surface over time.    

  2) Inspect all the lines where the roof might stop flush against the walls.  
  3) Look for cracked, broken or missing roof tiles and inspect any sheeting for dents or rust.  
  4) Communicate with the owner to pin-point areas should there be an complaint of a leak.  
  Every leak is unique comparing different houses and shape roofs. There is however only a couple of reasons why a roof would leak if the original design is done to the building specifications and building regulations.  
  Juet Roofing will after inspection of the roof contact the customer with recommendations based on the inspection and evaluation of the roof. The recommendations will be specified. All points of concern will be stated and a recommendation done to address the point.  Recommendations will not only be done to address current leaks but also to prevent potential leaks. All recommendations will be quoted on and the quotation will be forwarded to the customer for action. It’s not necessary that Juet Roofing must do the work. The customer can also get other quotations to address the points that need attention. This process will ensure that the problems get addressed at the lowest cost possible! It protects the home owner form future leaks and potential damage costs, saving you money in the long run.  
  Juet Roofing will be able to maintain your roof after the points of concern has been addressed in a proper manor. Maintaining your roof regularly is necessary to ensure that the roof will not leak.  Leaves and bird droppings are in most cases the main reason why a roof will leak. Most people are in the daily rat-race. You seldom see the outside of your house during daytime and has therefore got limited time to spend at home, needless to say roaming your roof for an inspection. Juet roofing will ease your pain to ensure that you are not running around looking for buckets to keep your valuables dry while a highfeld thunderstorm is watering your garden for free.  

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